What are the New features of Norton 360?

Norton has become one of the topmost antivirus programs to provide comprehensive security to the devices. It is specifically developed for fighting against malware and virus. It is integrated with outstanding features that work superiorly to detect scan and remove the virus, malware, and threats. But, by seeing the improvement of advanced threats, the company has launched an outstanding product Norton 360. The concept of developing this security product is to provide security and safety for the personal computer. If you suspect that your device is infected with viruses and malware then contact Norton Support for instant help to get it removed. With this set of basic techniques and advanced tools, the reality of real-time protection to those who actually used this software was obvious and some don’t know how they constantly went on the Internet highway without installing to start with.

In this post, we will discuss the new features of Norton 360 that makes it ideal for Comprehensive protection:

Real-Time Threat Protection:
Multi-layered and advanced security helps to protect against emerging and existing malware threats to your devices and also help to safeguard your financial and private information and details. It means you are safe and secure when you are going to make payment or shopping online.

Secure VPN:
With this feature, browse securely and anonymously with a no-log VPN. It is added with bank-grade encryption that helps to keep your details and information such as passwords and bank details private and secure.

LifeLock Identify Alert System:
It helps to alert if your social security number, address, name or date of birth are used in other unknown applications for credit or any services. It means you are safe and secure from the fraud or threats.

Parental Controls:
This feature helps to manage your kids’ activity when they are online. Also, it helps them to learn, explore and enjoy their connected world safely and securely. It will block the sites which are not safe or inappropriate for your kids.

Password Manager:
This feature is one of the most advanced and favorite ones who always forget their password and gets stuck to get it recovered. This feature easily creates, store as well as manage your passwords, card details, information, and other credentials online safely and securely.

250GB Cloud Backup:
This feature will automatic secure the cloud backup for a number of PC to store and safeguard the important file and sensitive documents along with data against hard drive failure and stolen devices and from ransomware.

Credit Monitoring Score and Report:
It helps to monitor key changes to your credit file at the foremost credit bureau and also alert you to detect fraud. Additionally, you can also get access to your annual credit report and credit score from a major credit bureau.

Notification of Data Breach:
It updates on large-scale breaches to help you safeguard your personal information, important files, and sensitive data.

These are a few features and advantages of Norton 360 that allow you to do various things. You can also keep your personal computer clean and safe from the Trojans, viruses and many more. This in the long-term sense of thought will save the users from a lot of grief and misfortune of all the issues those without some form of safety and security software on their PC would have. Feel free, if you have enabled this product on your device as it provides outstanding security and safety to your device from threats and viruses that are growing day by day and become strong to infect your system. Contact Norton Customer Care to get the answer and resolution of any queries and issues. You will get instant help from the technician team.