How Norton Password Manager is good?

Norton antivirus along with all features and products come with Password Manager. It is actually very fantastic features that keep your online security and password completely safe and secure. In this guide, we will focus on the Norton Password Manager and its features. Norton Password manager makes things very easy for you in your digital world. Norton is specifically developed to fight against different kinds of unwanted bugs, viruses, and malware. This award-winning antivirus software is just amazing and provides 100% protection to your device against advanced threats and viruses. If you want to know the installation procedure of this security software then call on Norton Support for fast and authentic help from the technicians.

Let’s start the Norton Password Manager:

Norton Password Manager will help to keep your passwords safe. It securely and safely stores and manages the sensitive information of the users. It also helps the user to passwords and to access desire sites in a fast and speedy manner. Users are free to save their login details of personal as well as financial information. Norton Password manager converts your information and saves your sensitive information to the cloud that is called Vault. This stored details and information on cloud vault can be accessed by using a single password from your system. This password manager can be used on different devices like laptops, personal computers, smartphones, tablets and web portal.

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It comes with some outstanding features that are below:

• Allows you to manage different credit/debit card information easily and safely
• Safeguards you from the identity threats and theft when you conduct online transactions
• Protects the data which you save on your system
• By saving your data with a local vault, you can safeguard your sensitive password manage data on your computer from being vulnerable and misused. A local vault is individual to each of the Windows user accounts that are available on your computer.
• The password manager lets you create a master password for all of your accounts. This password is called and not anyone else. Even we do not know it since it is scrambled on our servers. With its browser add-on installed, auto-filling site credentials are quite easy and simple

Let’s have a look at the Password Manager configuration:

From Browser

• Open your browser and click on Norton Password Manager that appears at the top-right corner of the browser
• In the Norton Password Manager sign-in display, click on Sign In
• In the Unlock your Vault window, enter your vault password and then click on Open vault
• Click on Norton Password Manager extension icon and click on the three-dot icon
• Now, click on Settings to configure the options for Norton Password Manager

From Norton
• Start Norton and see the My Norton window that appears to Device Security, click on Open
• In the Norton main window, double-click on Internet Security and then click on Password Manager
• In the Norton Password Manager window, click on the Settings icon available at the bottom of the window
• Enter your Password Manager password in the Vault Closed window and if you haven’t created a vault then use your Norton account credentials to login and then create a vault
• Click on the tabs to change or view General, Import/Export, security or Browsing settings
• After making changes on my tab then, click on Save. If you are facing any issue then call on Norton Help for instant help from the technicians

What type of information can be stored in a Vault?

Following are the categories and the type of detail which you can store in your Vault of Password Manager:

Logins: Your user ID and passwords for the websites which you visit, like an online bank account, shopping websites and email.
Wallet: Your financial information like debit/credit card details along with bank account details
Address: Your personal information like date of birth, postal address, email address as well as phone numbers Notes: Any kind of text which you have entered for future reference

Norton comes with some more features for comprehensive security and safety and if you want to know more then get in touch with the technical team by just calling on Norton Customer Service Number for instant help. The teams are always available there to help you in any manner they can. You will get complete assistance from the team in the shortest time frame.