How do I Activate Norton Antivirus for free?

Norton Antivirus has become one of the best antivirus software programs in terms of protection and performance. It comes with outstanding features and security tools that serve its best in providing excellent protection to your device against unwanted bugs, virus and online threats. If you have Norton Antivirus installed on your device then you are completely safe and protected. In this guide, we will discuss the procedure to activate Norton Antivirus for Free. It is advisable to follow the given procedures very carefully to avoid any kind of glitches. Call on Norton Support Number if you are facing any issue or need any assistance.

Activating Free Trial of Norton Security:

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First of all select, a computer that has a free trial of Norton Security software installed to protect your computer against viruses, malware, and online threats. Follow the given steps to activate your free trial to start using Norton Security software:
• Type Norton Security in the Windows search box and then, click on Norton Security to start the desktop application
• If you are asked then, accept the End User License Agreement
• Enter the email address to use for your account and then, click on Next. If you already have an account, enter your password and then click on Next. If you don’t have an account and enter the requested detail to create it.
• Now, your product is activated and your product key is registered with your account

If you are facing any issue while activating Norton then it is advisable to get connected with the technical experts at Norton Customer Service Number for instant help. The teams are available there to help you in any manner they can.

The free trial of Norton Activation is applicable for 30 days and after 30 days you will be asked to renew your subscription. It is advisable to renew your subscription for the comprehensive protection of your device. The Norton security service free trial will expire ultimately. Use the below-given steps to renew your subscription.

Renewal of Norton Subscription:

• Type Norton Security in the Windows search box and click on Norton Security to launch the desktop application
• From the Norton Security client select Renew and it will take you to the Norton Security page where different security options available for you. Choose one of the given options and then click on Buy Now
• You will need to create a Norton account and if you already have that then, sign in to your Norton account by entering the account credentials
• After that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase and renew your subscription

Sometimes, you might get stuck when you already have a subscription plan but you are receiving a message “Product is Expiring”. In that case, follow the given methods to get it resolved.

• First of all, sign in to Norton
• If you aren’t signed in to Norton then you will be asked to sign in
• Enter your email address and password for Norton and then, click on Sign in
• If you don’t have a Norton Account then, click on ‘Create an Account’ and complete the sign-up process
• In the Get Started window and click on Download Norton. If you have the product key and you haven’t yet registered to your account then click on Enter a New Product Key.
• Type the product key and then click on >. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your product
• Click on Agree and Download and then click on Next by choosing the product you want to download in case if you have more than one subscription in your account

Now, follow the given steps depending on your browser:

For Firefox or Safari: click on the Download option appears on the top-right corner of the browser. Then, see the downloaded files and double-click on the downloaded files

For Chrome: Double-click on the file that you downloaded (see on the bottom-left corner)

For Internet Explorer: Click Run
• If the User Account Control window appears then click on Continue and follow the on-screen promptness
• Now, your Norton product is now activated and installed

By following the given procedures you can easily renew and activate your subscription. Not only this, if you are facing any other issue then contact Norton Phone Number UK for instant and reliable help from the technicians. The teams are available 24x7 to help you and provide remote assistance to you.