How to Protect System Against Viruses Using Norton Antivirus?

Nowadays, antivirus has become the spine of every device and it is highly effective in protecting our device against viruses, malware, ransomware, and threats. It is developing day by day by seeing the enhancement and growth of threats and viruses. This antivirus program is capable to fight against advanced viruses or threats and keeps your computer completely safe and secure. In this post, we will focus on some of its features through which it protects the system against viruses. If you suspect that your device is infected with malware or virus then, contact Norton Contact Number for instant help.

Three powerful features it has:

Firewalls, Parental Controls and Cloud backup:

Firewalls provide another type of protection and a firewall feature is capable of monitoring outbound and inbound network traffic. It also helps to block un-trusted access to your devices and helps to protect your private information as well as financial data.

Parental Controls help to keep your children safe and secure while their online activities. They include contact filters that safeguard the kids from visiting websites that are inappropriate for their age or which are not safe to open. Parental control features also make you able to keep track of how much time your kids spend on the web and might allow you to examine search terms, messaging-apps and social media they download.

Cloud Backup is another top security and is an automatic backup feature that protects your sensitive data, photos, and essential information by enabling the backup, store and recovers the files of your computer.

It also comes with some outstanding benefits that protect your Windows system:

Exploit Prevention: safeguards windows devices from “zero-day” attacks which attempt to exploit unpatched and undiscovered vulnerabilities in Windows application

Insight: examines the applications and files which are safe or unsafe using the collaborated feedback or more than the Norton users to check incoming threats and proactively avoid them

SONAR Behavioral Protection: Helps to detect the signs that which file is dangerous to proactively safeguard you from advanced threats

Always Up-to-Date: Automatically downloads and installs the necessary product or feature updates when you are not working on your computer.

Download Insight: Safeguards you from downloading files from websites which have low status within the Norton user community

Optimized + Insight File Copy: It enhances the scanning times by detecting the safe files and only scanning un-trusted files

Norton Community Watch: It gathers the information that is volunteered by millions of the Norton Users to detect advanced threats faster, provide stronger, examines safe files and more efficient protection.

Spam Blocking: Keeps your mailbox free of dangerous, unwanted and fraudulent emails which can attack or hack your identity. If you suspect that your device is infected with scam then call Norton Phone Number for instant and reliable help.

Internet Protection System: It scours social networking and websites for suspicious links and content to check the advanced social networking scams.

Password Manager: It remembers, secures ad automatically enters your user names as well as passwords so that they cannot be stolen or hacked

Automatic Backup: Lets you back up 25 GB worth of photos, files and movies automatically which you select from your PC.

Norton Family Premier: This is a tool that keeps your kids safe on the Internet and is comprised of your subscription.

It also comes with outstanding protection that is, Pre-emptive protection:
Not all antivirus software is developed equal. Although most will safeguard against trusted threats, Norton is capable to detect threats against a system before it enters on watch lists.

Norton Reputation Service:

Instead of determining the file nature that it is good or bad by matching it against a list of trusted threats, the Norton Reputation Services help to scan a file to look for where it was developed and by what source to resolve its threat level. This system not only serves with pre-emptive protection but also the speed in which it scans.

SONAR Behavioral Protection:

The Symantec Online Network for innovative response looks for clues to see if a file behaves suspiciously. With most antivirus software, only the physical features of a file are scanned to resolve if it is safe or not.

These are a few features and advantages of Norton antivirus through which it provides comprehensive protection to your devices. Just call on Norton Support Number to get instant help from the technician teams. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can.