What are the procedures for renewing Norton?

Norton antivirus protects you against malware, ransomware, and threats. And, it has become essential to renew it for advanced protection. To renew Norton, you have to follow the given procedures carefully. Norton is the best antivirus software for comprehensive security solution of your computer. This antivirus is embedded with excellent security tools that provide excellent protection to your device. When you subscribe Norton then, you will get advanced protection from advanced virus and unwanted bugs. But there is a fact, the subscription comes with a limited period and when it expires then you have to renew it. In this guide, we will discuss the exact procedures to renew Norton, follow the given steps.

There are two ways to renew Norton:

1. Via: Purchasing a subscription and,
2. Via: Using a Product key or code
Let’s have a look at the renewal process one by one

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1. Renew your Norton by purchasing a subscription:

If you have an upgrade purchase while renewal then, you need to download and install the paid Norton product on every device you want to safeguard, depends on the number of devices your license allows. It is recommended to do it quickly after the purchase or just by signing in to your Norton account.

• First of all, start Norton and if you see the My Norton window that appears next to the Device Security and then, click on ‘Open’
• In the Norton main window, click on Activate and Renew Now
• If you see the Subscription window, click on Buy a subscription
• See the Norton Products or renewal page and check your purchase and click on Buy Now or Subscribe Now
• If asked, then sign in with your account details that you have entered while creating Norton Account.
• Enter your billing details and place your order. Make sure that you review your order before making the payment
• When your purchase is successful then your subscription activated and renewed automatically. If any days remaining in your existing subscription then, it will be added to the new subscription period

2. Renew your Norton using a Product key or code

Renewal code might not be applicable with some of the Norton products
• Start Norton and, if you see My Norton window appears next to the Device Security and click on ‘Open’
• Do one of the following:
• To activate your subscription, main window of Norton product and click on Activate Now
• To renew your subscription appears in the Norton product main window just click on Help and then, under Account Information and click on Enter Product key
• Now, enter the product key or the renewal code which you received from Norton
• If you use a product key then the remaining days with your ongoing subscription don’t get added to the subscription linked with the new key
• If you use a renewal code then the remaining subscription days will add to the new subscription period and then, click on Next to complete the procedures.

By following the two given ways, you can easily renew your Norton and enjoy outstanding protection against advanced viruses, malware, and threats. You can call on Norton Helpline Number to resolve any errors or issues related to the Norton antivirus. You will be assisted by the expert team who help to resolve the errors shortly.