What is the procedure to Configure Norton 360?

Norton 360 comes with outstanding features and provides 100% protection against advanced threats, viruses, and malware. Configure Norton 360 and for that, just follow the given steps in this guide. It comes with an effective product 360 that is specifically designed to bring multiple-layers of protection which you actually need against emerging and existing cyber-threats. Norton 360 offers device protection along with additional protection layers which include a VPN for the online privacy and security for your Internet connection on PC Safecam and Wi-Fi to help you to block un-trusted access to your webcam.

Before moving ahead with the configuration step, you have to install Norton 360 for that,

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• First of all, Log in to your Norton account by visiting Norton Login page
• Now, enter the email address and password linked with the Norton account, (if you don’t have an account then click on ‘Create an Account’ and then finish the sign-up process)
• Click on Sign in
• Click on to u Norton that appears in the menu on the upper-right side and then onto a Download option
• Now, follow the on-screen instruction

How to configure Norton 360?

Norton along with anti-virus and anti-spyware protection also provides an embedded computer firewall to safeguard your computer against computer hackers. A common issue that arises is, the Firewall of Norton 360 can accidentally block VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity if you don’t configure the firewall to permit the VPN. To configure Norton 360, just follow the below-given steps carefully.

• First of all, open Norton 360 just by double-clicking on the program icon on your PC’s desktop or just, select the Norton icon from the Windows task tray.
• Now, update Norton 360 by choosing the ‘Run Live Update’ menu option. The out-dated versions of Norton 360 would accidentally block all VPN traffic and independent of firewall rules
• After that, select the ‘Task and Settings’ menu option and select the ‘Advanced Settings’ option
• Choose the ‘Firewall Protection Settings’ option and select the ‘Add’ menu option and select the ‘VPN’ application from the file selector.
• Select the ‘permit’ menu option and select incoming and outgoing traffic that is followed by the ‘Next’ option
• Now, choose the ‘Any Computer’ menu option that is followed by the ‘Next’ option
• Select the option to apply to ‘All Ports’ and ‘All Types of Communication’ that is followed by the ‘Next’ menu option
• Enter a text description for the firewall rule and then click on the ‘Next’, ‘Finish’ and ‘close’ menu options to finish the configuration of Norton 360 for a VPN connection

By following the above-given steps, you can easily install and configure Norton 360 on your device. Call on Norton Support Number if you are facing any issue while configuration and installation. You can purchase the Norton 360 all-in-one security package at the Norton Security Online for a reasonable price. You can get connected with the technical experts for instant and complete assistance.