What is the procedure to resolve Norton Toolbar Chrome Not Working?

Norton Anti-virus software is one of the most widely used security software that comes with a user-friendly interface and easy to use. When you download Norton, the software tells us to secure and safe while you are working online. Let’s begin with Toolbar, as it safeguards yours from detecting thefts because the internet has crowed with the hackers who are waiting for a chance to steal your passwords, bank details and personal information from our computer. When Norton Toolbar activated on your device then, it becomes almost incredible for such hackers to steal information from the computer to keep the device remains safe. If you want to know more about toolbar then, it is advisable to get connected with the technical experts for Norton Helpline UK for complete assistance.

But sometimes, you get stuck when the Norton Toolbar Chrome stopped working on your device. In that case, get it resolved by following the below steps. In that case, it might be possible that the Norton toolbar is disabled. For that, Enable the Norton Toolbar:

• Open your web browser, Google Chrome
• Now, click on the Chrome a drop-down menu will appear
• In the dialog box which displays, click on the small box that appears beside “Enable”
• Now, the second step

It is also being possible that the Norton Toolbar is hidden in your device. Follow the given steps to get it back:
• Open the web browser Google Chrome
• Click on the Chrome A drop-down menu will then appear
• In the dialog box that shows and then, click on Show

If the above-given methods fail to work then, it is advisable to run a LiveUpdate of Norton software. The methods are as follow:
• Open the Norton Software
• Then, the dialog box will appear and click on next button
• Wait for the LiveUpdate to complete the process
• If the error still persists then, it is advisable to follow the next step:
• Access the Norton Toolbar Chrome
• After that, right-click on the bat icon to navigate to the framework
• Then, move to the taskbar menu
• After that, tick on the Google Chrome Symbol that appears at the lower-left on the screen
• Then, you have to click on the Norton Security Toolbar option that appears on the upper right half of the Google Chrome Browser
• After that, check the website on the toolbar
• Then, open another tab and check another website, which helps you to check the error which you are facing
• After you are done with this step then, update the software on your device

By following these procedures, you can resolve the error very immediately. It is advisable to follow the steps very carefully to avoid any glitches. If you are facing any error then contact Norton UK for complete assistance. The teams are always available there to help you in any manner they can. You will get remote assistance. The teams are highly experienced and trained and serve their best to resolve the error shortly.