Why Does Norton Antivirus Slow down the computer?

Norton antivirus is the perfect solution for the security and safety of the device. But, sometimes, you suspect that your device is performing very slowly even after the presence of Norton Antivirus. And, you think that your device is performing slowly due to having Norton Antivirus. Hold on! It is not Norton Antivirus; it is the problem with Norton Antivirus. Read this guide to resolve the issue that Norton Antivirus Slow down the Computer. Call on Norton Phone Number for complete help regarding any issue.

Let’ have a look at some common problem due to which you are facing this issue:

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Issues with the Compatibility:

It is the main issue of slowing down your computer. Norton comes with a security center packaged with spyware, network intrusion detection, and antivirus tools. These programs take a large amount of RAM and hence have to be installed on a system that has acceptable system components to support them. If they are installed on a less efficient system, it will actually slow down severally as all Norton programs will take large amounts of memory that the computer requires. For instance, if the Norton product you’re installing only supports Windows XP Service Pack and you shouldn’t run it on a system with Service Pack 1.

Other Antivirus Program:

Norton will slow down its running process when any other antivirus program is installed and running on your computer. By default, antivirus programs are developed to start automatically at a computer startup that means both Norton and the other antivirus program installed will start when your computer reboots. When they both are running you are likely to run into interaction and scanning conflicts that cause Norton to use the huge amount of system memory and resulting in slow computer performance.

Next is, Virus Scans and Updates:

Once Norton starts to scan your system for the malicious files, browser enhances decrease, programs run slower and procedures are withdrawn. Once the scan is running then, it examines everything, including downloaded files, system folders, and images and the registry. It is a lot to scan that can cause CPU slowdowns. It also happens when the program is updating advanced spyware and virus definitions. It needs a lot of memory to access the Norton server and install updates, hence, most of the system resources are employed by the program.


Before installing Norton products, always make sure that the “System Requirements” so that you only install what your computer is able to deal with. Because they use a huge amount of system resources, try to run virus scans in the night once you are not using your computer. Norton products allow you to set “Auto” times once your program will automatically start and perform scans. If your computer is ideal to run Norton and you can download updates that consist of patches to resolve memory consumption errors.


While Norton can slow your computer down, sometimes that can also be qualified to malicious files that might be on your computer or a jammed hard drive which has not been prepared for a while. To not only help from Norton Customer Service Number for instant help from the technicians. Norton runs frequently but at the same time to enhance the performance of your computer, it is advisable to run frequent disk cleanups. Norton isn’t the answer to all your security issues. Although it resolved many of the security problems, your browsing activity, and computer maintenance play a vital role in how it helps your computer.

By following these tips, you can regain the performance of your computer along with the Norton Antivirus. If you are still facing this issue or any other error then contact Norton Support Number for reliable support from the technical teams. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can.