Norton Error 3051, 1 Quick Resolution Steps

Norton antivirus is designed specifically to provide excellent protection against viruses, threats, and other malware. This antivirus comes with an error 3051, 1 due to which Norton stops working on your device. Let’s move with the resolution procedures for fixing this error on your own without calling on Norton Technical Support Help Desk.

Norton Error 3051, 1 Quick Resolution Steps

About Runtime Error 3051, 1

Runtime error 3051, 1 happens when Norton 360 crashes or fails whilst it is running therefore its name. It does not mean that the code was damaged or corrupt in some way but that it didn’t work during its runtime. This kind of error will appear as an annoying notification on your screen unless handled and corrected.

Symptoms of 3051, 1

Runtime errors happen without warning. The error message can come up with the screen anytime Norton 360 is running. In fact, the error message or some other dialogue box can come up again and again if not detected early on.

Resolution steps

• Download and Run Norton Remove and Reinstall tool
• If you have Norton Family installed, uninstall it before you are running the Norton Remove & Reinstall tool
• Download the Norton Remove and Install tool
• Save the file to Windows desktop and on some browsers, the file will automatically save to its default location
• Press the Ctrl + J key to open Download window in your browser
• Double-click on NRnR icon and click on Agree after reading the License agreement
• Click on Remove and Reinstall
• You might see the Remove option if Norton is from your service provider
• Click on Continue or Remove and click on Restart Now
• Follow the on-screen instructions when the computer restarts

When you are done with the above-given steps, you are ready to use Norton antivirus again.