How Norton Mobile Security is best for Android phone?

Norton Mobile Security includes outstanding security tools that protect your handy device from any threats or application viruses. It is essential to have this mobile security on your device so that you can keep your phone data, photos, personal information and details safe and secure. Norton Mobile Security comes with various benefits and features that help to fight against unwanted bugs and viruses from your mobile. You can call on Norton Helpline Number regarding any queries against this mobile security.

Features of Norton Mobile Security:

• It is specifically developed to safeguard you against digital threats which can happen when you download, use, or open an application on your device
• It effectively works to offer you with an excellent level of online privacy and security by protection what you are doing while you’re online
• It is ideal for those who leave a mobile device behind or are at danger of theft, this tool can serve best to recover the device via remote activation and tells you where it is in the most of the conditions
• It can serve best to safeguard and restore your contact information and at the same time allows you to share it securely when there’s a need to do so.

To download this Mobile Security on your device you must have below-given things on your device.

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Device Requirements

• Works with Android phones as well as tablets which have the Google Play app installed • 50 MB of storage
• Works with iPhone or iPad
• Browser Support for the Web Protection
It comes with different security facilities for Android phones or tablets, and iPhones or iPads.

Android Phones or Tablets

System Advisor

It notifies you about the operating system threats and security certificates which allow the attackers to access your device and your data

Wi-Fi Security

It helps to scan and check the compromised networks and the networks under attack so that the user can connect the safe and secure network again

Protective Anti-malware Blocker

It is effective in preventing the apps which have malware and viruses from being installed on your Mobile or Tablet before you download it from the Google Play.

Disturbing Adware App Advisor

It will allow you to know if the apps have any disturbing adware before you download from the Google Play

Anti-phishing Web Protection

It is effective in protecting against online scams just by blocking the fraudulent and fake websites

Malware Protection

It is helpful in scanning and removing the apps with spyware, viruses, and other threats

Protection against Ransomware

It is effective in protecting against ransomware attacks

Text and Call Blocker

It safeguards you against disturbing and annoying calls as well as mobile spam

Alerts for Fraud and Spam

Norton Mobile Security will identify and then block the suspicious and dangerous spam or fraudulent calls which you receive on your device

Privacy Report Interactive Map

It is a very effective feature as it shows the location in the world where your personal information be shared

Privacy Advisor

It is effective in scanning the apps automatically and then makes you able to see the privacy risks before you download them from the Google Play

Safe and Secure Search

It safeguards your device and your personal data from the malicious sites which installed Trojans, ransomware, and other threats

For iPads or iPhones

Alerts for Operating System

It will notify you when the operating system of your device is getting old so that you can update it and enjoy the hassle-free performance of your device

Web Protection

It is helpful in detecting and warns you about the fraudulent website before you visit them

Wi-Fi Privacy

It with the help of advanced scanning, identify the compromised networks and the networks under the attack so that you can reconnect to secure the networks

Suspicious Profiles and Modules alerts

It is effective in detecting and warns you for the suspicious and dangerous profiles as well as modules which might allow the attackers to track and steal your data to conduct malicious behavior on your device

Passcode Detection Notification

It will alert you if you have not set any passcode for your device to safeguard unauthorized access to your personal information.
With the help of these features, Norton Mobile Security provides excellent protection to the devices. If you are facing any issue then call on Norton Contact Number to get in touch with the technical team regarding the issue. The teams are highly experienced and serve you best to resolve the issues.