How To Remove Norton Antivirus Subscription Expired Pop-Up?

If you are on a lookout for the resolution of Norton subscription expired pop-up then in that case, there is a possibility that the software is not updated to its latest version. In case of such an error message, the user should get the software removed from the system or should get the software updated to the latest version.

If in case you have already got your Norton antivirus renewed then running a subscription status check would get your issue resolved.

Cancellation and Renewal of Norton

Steps for running a subscription status check:

• Open the Norton antivirus user interface further on the top open the “support” tab
• Click on the “Subscription status” link the system will then be synced with the Norton antivirus server’s database.
• Check the information if the information is not accurate then the user needs to fix the date and time settings on the system.
• Then in the main menu click “live update” further get the system restarted.
• The issue will then be resolved.

Steps to renew Norton antivirus subscription:

• Open the Norton antivirus user interface there click on the, renew now option given at the bottom of the screen after clicking the renewal link the user should click the “buy now” option.
• Follow the on-screen instructions for that enter personal information such as card details and Email after that also choose a password the subscription will then be updated automatically.
• If your antivirus is not updating automatically then you should use the renewal code given in the Email.
• If you do not get the code then for that you need to click the view option for the information related to subscription code

Steps to uninstall Norton antivirus program:

• Click on the start menu there the user should look for the “uninstall” option.
• Click “settings” and choose “uninstall a program”
• Further from the list of programs choose “Norton antivirus“
• Click the uninstall link.
• Follow the on-screen steps and get all the data removed.
• Get the system restarted.

If in case you are still looking for more information or help then, in that case, it is advisable to connect with the experts at Norton Antivirus Support Number.