How to resolve Norton antivirus errors on Windows 10?

Norton antivirus is serving as a security solution for all types of systems and devices from a long-time period and it has been more than a decade to be precise. The software is counted among the names of trusted brands when it comes to the safety and security of systems and devices from dangerous elements like malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks.

The software is popular for it is very easily compatible with all the windows operating systems including Windows 10. But being a product associated with so many techniques the software sometimes gets the user stuck with some errors and issues that can only be resolved either on the basis of proper knowledge of techniques or by the help of trained technicians they can be reached at Norton support UK.

Here we will mainly focus on the resolution of Norton antivirus errors that occur only on windows 10 operating system.

Searching Norton on Windows 10- In order to search Norton on windows 10 the user should follow the given steps –
• Get the Norton repair tool downloaded from the official website.
• Right-click the downloaded file in order to run it on the system.
• The Norton installation window will then appear
• Then click “next” and further follow the on-screen instructions

Antivirus not launching- In order to fix this problem while using Norton antivirus on Windows 10, the user should follow the given steps-
• First of all, get the removal as well as the reinstallation tool downloaded from the official Norton website.
• Then double click on the tool’s icon also accept the license terms and conditions.
• Then click “restart now” in order to finish the uninstalling process.
• Restart the system and then follow the on-screen instructions for the reinstallation of the software.

Norton error 8504- In order to fix Norton antivirus error code 8504 on windows 10 operating system the user should follow the given steps-
• Remove Norton antivirus from the system using the removal tool.
• Also, remove if there is any other security tool running on the system.
• Conduct an update of the videos graphic driver
• Once all the procedures are done you can restart the system and can get the software reinstalled.

Norton error 3048- In order to fix Norton error 3048 the user should follow the given steps –
• Open Norton antivirus on your system
• Then in the security section click “live update”
• Wait for the update procedure to finish and then click “ok”
• Run live update and as it will finish you will receive a message on your system.
• After that restart the system

If you still need more help or information regarding any issue related to Norton antivirus then, in that case, it is advisable that you connect with the experts at Norton Help UK.

The experts are available 24*7 and also they are specially trained for dealing with all types of errors and issues associated with the workings of Norton antivirus software.