Quick resolution of Norton Error 126

Norton antivirus is one of the best security software programs to provide excellent protection to your device. It comes with security tools to fight against viruses and malware. But sometimes, users get stuck with Norton Error 126. In this guide, we will focus on its resolution along with its causes so that you can avoid those causes in the future.

Quick resolution of Norton Error 126

Causes of Error 126:

• Humanization errors
• Wrong configuration of PC settings or corrupted Windows registry entries
• Incomplete Norton installation
• Malware attacks might have corrupted Norton files


Step 1: Execute a malware/ ransomware scan

Some malware or spyware attacks might damage Norton Associated files and you’ll receive error 126. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a complete malware scan of your system. Call on Norton Helpline Number UK for complete assistance regarding malware cleaning.

Step 2: Windows Systems Restore

You can recover your system to the primary best working version by using the Windows in-built tools. Follow the guidelines in the wizard and recover the system successfully. When the wizard is finished then, restart the system.

Step 3: Clearing the Junk Files:

The system gathers a lot of junk and garbage files after constant computer system usage and web surfing. These junk files might lessen the speed and performance of the system. It is advisable to clean the system junk files constantly to enhance the system performance. Open the command prompt and then enter the command ‘cleanmgr’ to open the windows with information of junk files. Choose the related files to clean.

Step 4: Reinstall Norton Software:

Reinstall the Norton antivirus to resolve this Norton Error 126. Open Control panel and then, choose the programs and features. Choose the Norton instances and click on the Uninstall option. When the uninstall process is finished, restart the system. Now, go to the official website and choose the latest Norton antivirus version and download the antivirus and install the Norton antivirus again by following the on-screen prompts.