Quick Steps to Resolve Norton Error 129

Your computer security completely depends on Norton's antivirus software. But sometimes, you get an unexpected error on your screen and that is Norton Error 129. In this guide, we will discuss the exact procedure to resolve this error code. It is advisable to follow these steps carefully to avoid glitches in the future and to fix this error in the shortest time frame.

Quick Steps to Resolve Norton Error 129


Check Point 1: Check Network Proxy Settings

For that

• Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Dialogue Box
• Enter the ‘inetcpl.cpl’ in the required search box. You will be started with Internet Properties windows on your computer system
• Click on LAN Settings on the connection tab
• Under the Proxy server in the Local Area Network settings Window, un-mark any of the checkboxes provided there
• If you ever find any entries under the proxy server then, come to uncheck the boxes and then select automatically detect the settings
• Here, you need to run an advanced scan Norton antivirus removal tool with on your PC system. The reason behind doing so is unfamiliar proxy server address may be due to potential cause or unwanted application threat
• Get to your system and after that, reinstall the Norton software program on your computer system

Check Point 2: Update the Norton linked device drivers

Update the Norton error 129 timely linked with drivers or managers. And error still persists then you can upgrade device drivers or managers on your operating machine. Or you can contact Norton Helpline Number UK for instant and complete assistance regarding the issue

Check Point 3: Install all New Windows Updates

Update all new windows updates on your computer system
These given steps are easy to follow and make sure that you have an excellent and strong internet connection to avoid any glitches in the future.