The quick resolution of Norton Error 3047 58

Norton antivirus is the best security software for comprehensive protection. It comes with excellent features and known for the best security tools to fight against viruses, malware, and threats. Norton comes with error code 3047 58 due to which Norton stops protecting your device. Follow the below-given steps to resolve the error code shortly.

First of all, Restart your Computer:

Here you need to close all opened programs running in the background and then, restart your computer and make sure that error is fixed. If not, then you can call on Norton Customer Service Number to get help from the technical teams regarding the resolution.

The quick resolution of Norton Error 3047 58

Then, Run Live Update:

• Open your Norton application and go to ‘Security’ section that available in its interface and there you’ve to click on LiveUpdate
• Next, press on ‘Ok’ when the process of Norton LiveUpdate is finished and then, run LiveUpdate since you get a message and ‘Your application has the advanced antivirus updates’
• After that, you have to close all the opened programs and reboot your PC and check if the error is resolved and if not then, move ahead with the next procedure

After that, Update Norton antivirus application:

• Go to the downloader page and then follow anyone as per your Windows version like Updater
For Windows 32 bit: Under filename, click on its first file and ends with v5i36.exe. e.g. 20090828-025-v5i32.exeyear
For Windows 64 bit: Open your 64-bit platform and you have to click on its first file, and name follows a year and yes it ends with v5i56.exe.e.g.20060922-017-v5i56.exe
• Now you have to save this file on your computer and then, double-click on this downloaded file. Now, install the application just by using intelligent updater and at the end, follow the on-screen instructions to finish this procedure

These steps will definitely resolve this error code and if you are facing this issue again and again then contact the technical team for instant help.