Tutorial on Fixing Norton Antivirus Issues

Norton Antivirus is one of the topmost security software programs that help to keep your PC wholly protected from the virus, Trojans and online threats. It is efficient in providing full-time protection to your device and also enhances the performance of your PC. In this modern digital world, users are completing their task through online. It may be booking tickets, online shopping or payment. For a quick and fast payment process, they usually save their bank details on the computer, and for that reason, the computer does have serious risk. The hackers are active all the time to cheat you and to steal the personal information. Therefore, it is essential to have security software on your device.

Well, in that case, no one can beat the performance of Norton Antivirus. This antivirus is specially designed to provide full security to your system and allows you to surf the internet safely and securely. If Norton Antivirus is something new for you, then it is advisable to get connected with the technical experts for the more information. You can get more about this antivirus software at Norton Helpline UK.

Apart from its features and introduction, sometimes you may get stuck when the Norton antivirus starts troubling you with some issues and error codes. In that case, it can stop working or scanning, and that might create a severe problem for your system. Because without the scanning process, the chances of hackers getting into your system increases. For that, it is necessary to figure out the reason as well as troubleshoot them as soon as possible.

Here are some common errors along with the resolution of Norton Antivirus:

Norton stopped working on PC:
If the Norton Antivirus is not scanning or working on your PC then, it might be the problem with your internet connection. Sometimes, it stopped working due to having third-party antivirus on your system. For that,

• Check your internet-connected and switch to the secure connection
• Remove the existing antivirus software from your PC and then reinstall the Norton
• Check the available updates of Norton and then install all the updates to start it again

Norton slows down the PC:
Well, Norton is not designed to slow your PC down. If your PC is performing very slowly then, it might be the issue with your PC or RAM. Sometimes, it may perform sluggishly when the PC is infected with malware. In that case,

• Check your PC RAM and get it installed for the maximum
• Close the background running program and then restart your PC
• In case of malware-infected PC, first, uninstall the Norton and then conduct a malware scan on your PC and then reinstall Norton after rebooting your PC.

Norton error code 3038, 104:
This error code may occur due to Corrupt Windows Registry, Incomplete Installation, corrupt Downloads or Deletion of Files. This error code will freeze your system and damage the performance and functionality of your PC. It can destroy the active windows program anytime. You can quickly troubleshoot this error code. For that,

Conduct Live Update:
• First, go to the Norton Security and the click on Live Update option in the main Windows
• After that, click on OK when the Live Update process is completed
• Wait until prompted ‘your Norton Product has latest production updates’
• In the end, exit the program and then restart your PC

If the problem persists, then it is advisable to uninstall, remove and the reinstall the Norton Security on your PC.

Through these simple procedures, you can quickly get rid of the common issues and errors. For hassle-free performance, it is advisable to keep your security software updated. If you are facing any glitch associated with this security software then, get it resolved as soon as possible by calling at Norton Support UK. The technician teams are available 24x7 to resolve the issues in the shortest period.