Norton sonar protection

What is the procedure to turn off/on Norton sonar protection?

What is Norton sonar protection?

The Norton Sonar Protection is security providing a feature that is designed and developed for detecting any dangerous malicious application as it runs on the system or the device of the user thus it helps in keeping away all the dangerous programs that can actually harm or leak the important data stored in the systems of the users. It also helps with the detection of new threats way before the spyware or the other virus detection definitions get into action.

Norton sonar protection

If in case you need to turn off the sonar protection then using the prompt on the system you can easily turn it on again when needed.

The process to turn on/off sonar protection-

Open the My Norton window given next to devise security- •In the settings menu click on the option “antivirus”
•Under the “automatic protection tab” in the real-time protection section the user should turn off the Sonar protection switch.
•Further, the user should click “apply”
•Then on the prompt, the user should select the time period for which it should be turned on or off.
•Then in the settings window, the user should click “close.”

If you are still confused then, in that case, it is advisable that the user should get connected with the team at Norton Antivirus Helpline Phone Number and should get proper assistance as the procedure is not really that tricky and the user can easily get it done if given proper help, guidance, and assistance. The technicians make it further easier for the users because they are given special training by the Norton technical department for easy and instant resolution of all the problems and errors that are capable of breaking the smooth running of the software on the system. The technicians are available at the service of the user all the time with the best-known solutions for the issues.